Nagas Gave Me Harpies - 11.19.2006

Hey guys. It’s Punchline here. I guess I owe you an explanation as to what’s going on. Well, the Nagas gave me harpies… Just messin’!! Okay, well I have been really busy lately. I’d like to thank Attm for taking care of WoB (World of Blogcraft) for me while I was gone. Also, the reason he hasn’t posted in forever is because he was in the process of moving. As for me, I’ve been working on a new project called ZOMGcast (, which will be a gaming and tech podcast network coming late December. So, that’s about it. I will start posting regularly again within the next few days.

Thanks for understanding my situation.

P.S. - I was asked this question, “So, Punchline, are you back for good now?” My answer, “Yes, I am. Attm will not be posting anymore (unless he wants to). It’s just me again.”