Starcraft 2: Announced - 5.20.2007

Okay, so it wasn't a Starcraft MMO...

Last night, Blizzard announced the new Starcraft RTS, Starcraft 2. However, this is a World of Warcraft blog, so I'm not gunna go into any detail about it. If you would like more information, click the hyperlink in this post.

-Matt Graham

World of... Starcraft? - 5.5.2007

Well, it looks like what we THOUGHT was gunna be the announcement of Starcraft II is ACTUALLY gunna be the announcement for the new Starcraft MMO.

So now, we just gotta wait for the announcement on May 19th at Blizzard's World Wide Invitational (WWI).

UPDATE: In case you think that this is "bullcrap" - although you have to just take my word for it - I have witnessed numerous threads being deleted on the official World of Warcraft forums regarding this new MMO. This is obviously not the best "proof", however is must be known that Blizzard always deletes threads that state "true rumors" whereas they don't bother with deleting "speculation".

-Matt Graham Sells Out? - 5.3.2007

So, I was running through Stranglethorn Vale when I got an in-game WoW gold selling ad. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently on my server (high population server ftl), but this ad was different. At the end of the ad, the gold seller mentions that the gold selling site was "sponsored" by Wowhead, a World of Warcraft website known for NOT selling themselves out (unlike Thottbot, Allakhazam, etc.). It's a bit suspicious, although this could be some player making a fake ad and trying to create a conspiracy... Nonetheless, this should be known by WoW players just in case.

-Matt Graham

The Ataris Machinima Contest - 5.1.2007

The Ataris (a band), Blizzard, NVIDIA, and have all joined forces to create a World of Warcraft music video machinima contest.

So, basically you create a machinima music video with one of three songs in which the Ataris' have on their new album, Welcome the Night. (Tell me this isn't some cheap advertisement ploy...)

For more information, check out the official contest site.

-Matt Graham