All Ages Admitted - 6.28.2007

Well, I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Apparently Blogcraft is rated G. >.>

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Mingle2 - Online Dating

-Matt Graham

Northrend AND Great Sea Expansion? - 6.28.2007

I know that I've always been the one with my mind only set on the idea of the next expansion being Northrend, but I've opened up my mind a little to other possibilities. So, I've been thinking...

Why does everyone seem to say that Northrend and The Great Sea would have to be two separate expansions? To be completely honest, I can't see The Great Sea having its own expansion. There just isn't enough content there to be equal to or more content-filled than Outland is. I believe that the next expansion could be a mixture of The Great Sea and Northrend. I'll throw out a name that may sound cool. World of Warcraft: Expedition to Northrend. Sound good?

Besides just opinion, I have some facts to help my theory:

1. Undermine is currently the only way to reach Northrend (aside from the Emerald Dream).
2. The Isle of Kezan is just above Undermine, so implementation would make sense.
3. Old whiteboards show a connection between Undermine and Kul Tiras.

The entire joint-content would revolve around Undermine and Northrend.

I think that a joint-content expansion of both The Great Sea and Northrend would be not only great for the players, but a very smart move for Blizzard.

Just some of my thoughts.

-Matt Graham

Armory Fun - 6.28.2007

If you need a good laugh, just follow these simple steps:

1. Load up the US version of the WoW Armory.
2. Choose to search a character, and then search the name "Wowpa".
3. Go through the pages and realize something.
4. Click on a few of them and look at the professions for each one.

This gave me a good laugh when I found it this morning. There's nothing better than spotting obvious "botters".

P.S. - I hear that all the cool kids are naming their Hunters "Wowpa" these days. :p

-Matt Graham

Info About 2.2/2.3/Next Expansion - 6.28.2007

Thanks to Schwick, an MVP on the EU WoW Forums, I was able to repost his extremely informative thread on the US Forums. Schwick posted all the information that you need to know about patches 2.2 and 2.3 as well as information regarding the next unannounced expansion. Depending on if you have an EU or US WoW account, I'll link you to Schwick's thread as well as my repost thread so you'll be able to discuss the subject - wherever you're from!

Schwick's Thread [EU]
My Repost Thread [US]

Flying Labs/SOE Partnership - 6.27.2007

Yesterday, Flying Labs Software (Pirates of the Burning Sea) announced that they would be partnering up with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) to publish Pirates of the Burning Sea. PotBS will be part of the "SOE Station".

Here is how the responsibilities will break down:

Flying Lab Software
- Game Development
- Community
- Customer Support
- Server Operations

Sony Online Entertainment
- Billing
- Launcher
- Retail Distribution
- Localization
- Marketing

Congratulations to Flying Labs. One of the great things that will come out of this is that PotBS will be on the "Station Access Pass". The Station Access Pass has you pay 30 dollars a month, but gives you access to every SOE game. This includes Everquest II, Vanguard, Star Wars Galaxies, soon PotBS, etc.

-Matt Graham

New Wallpaper - 6.26.2007

I haven't changed my wallpaper on my desktop for about a year... Until now.

Blizzard finally released some World of Warcraft wallpaper that is worth-while. It's entitled "Burning Crusade" and it's a great picture of each race of the Alliance and Horde "going at it". It really captures all of the feeling of the Burning Crusade in one simple picture. Check it out!

-Matt Graham

What's your favorite class to play? - 6.26.2007

So, I asked the forum goers on the official World of Warcraft forums what their favorite class to play is. After 8 pages of replies, this is what I received:

Druid: 16
Hunter: 12
Mage: 20
Paladin: 14
Priest: 8
Rogue: 9
Shaman: 9
Warlock: 7
Warrior: 10

It seems as though most WoW players prefer to play Mages. However, could the data I received be false? Maybe most forum goers play Mages, or maybe the players really do prefer Mages. Also, why is it that Warlocks, the class considered to be the most overpowered, received the least amount of votes? Maybe we'll never know...

What's YOUR favorite class? Comment this post telling Blogcraft what your favorite class is and maybe add an explanation.

-Matt Graham

WoW Digger: The New Database - 6.25.2007

Well, I saw it coming back in early May - the fall of WoWHead.

Luckily, only a few days after WoWHead sold out, the WoW playerbase was given a new database: WoW Digger. Honestly, there isn't much too it right now, but it's only a matter of time before this site becomes very popular.

Hopefully it isn't also a matter of time before WoW Digger sells out to gold farmers.

P.S. - Just when we thought that Blizzard's WoW Armory had an easy road to success, another competitor stepped in.

-Matt Graham

Watching WoW - 6.25.2007

So, for the past three days I've been in company of an old friend from the other side of the country (USA). We've been best friends since we were just two years old, but now I fear that all we have in common is games.

My house currently holds one computer that can run WoW and two gamers. One of those two gamers, my friend, is playing WoW while I've been writing this. Now, he recently bought a new account and rolled up a "noob". Right now, my friend is questing with his level 18 Priest in Redridge. As for me, I'm bored out of my mind. Watching someone level in WoW is probably the most boring thing I've ever done. Unfortunately, all we have in common anymore is games. So, we just take turns playing WoW back and forth. He'll be here for another week, so this blog will get some good use in the next seven days with this laptop.

Damn this laptop for not being able to run WoW!

-Matt Graham