Unofficial Patch 2.3.0 Notes - 9.29.2007


*New daily quests targeting a random battleground each day.
*Healing Reduction effects now affect all Drain spells and abilities (i.e. Mortal Strike vs Drain Life)
*Level 20-60 quest experience has been increased, while XP to level has been decreased
*New Title - Champion of the Naaru: Awarded to those who complete the Tempest Keep attunement quest at level 70
*New Flying Mount added. Requires 2,000g and Exalted with Cenarion Expedition
*New 10-Man Raid - Zul'Aman, Zul'Aman is complete and now only needs time on the PTR.
*Guild Banks added to the game with patch 2.3
*New Arena Relics have been added for more talent specs, and existing Relics have been renamed to create a more consistent naming convention
*1/3rd of +healing will count as +spell damage
*New daily dungeon quests found in lower city for both the heroic and non-heroic five person dungeons. These are one random regular dungeon AND one heroic dungeon per day. The non-heroic dungeons these will be available for are Shattered Halls, Steamvault, Shadow Labyrinth, Black Morass, Botanica, Mechanar, Arcatraz. All heroic dungeons have an associated daily quest. If a non-heroic and heroic happen to fall on the same dungeon in a single day, one heroic run will allow completion of both quests. The non-heroic quests will reward an ethereum prison key, gold and Consortium faction. The heroic quests will reward 2 Badges of Justice, gold and Consortium faction.


-Matt Graham

AFK - 9.25.2007

AFK, and you know why - so don't even ask why. :p

-Matt Graham

24 Hours Until Insanity - 9.24.2007

All Halo breaks loose.

-Matt Graham

Believe. - 9.23.2007

-Matt Graham

Patch 2.2.2 (Brewfest) On PTRs Now! - 9.23.2007

The testing for patch 2.2.2, the Brewfest patch, has now begun! Because Brewfest will be making it's appearance in October, we can understand that's it's an obvious play on the German Oktoberfest - and you know what that means... BEER!

Two days ago, Hortus confirmed the testing of Brewfest on the PTR forums. He also confirmed that the new Hallow's End content would be tested after Brewfest. Long-time Blogcraft readers will know that Hallow's End is my absolute favorite WoW holiday, so you'll definitely be seeing me on the PTRs when that comes out.

Now, as for all things Brewfest, you should probably check out the amazing guide that Boubouille has posted over on MMO-Champion. From what I've seen, it's everything that you could possibly want to know about Brewfest.

-Matt Graham

BANNED: 36 Hours - 9.16.2007

So, it's been a little over a day since I was banned from the World of Warcraft forums, and let me tell you, it's been a living Hell. I'm constantly trying to log in or respond to a post only to get a big sign screaming, "You are permanently banned!".

When you are used to spending a few hours a day posting on the forums and then suddenly you are unable to, it's tough - I'm not even kidding. Now, I love playing basketball, so I'll use it as an example; I play basketball about 2-3 hours everyday. Four months or so ago, the hoop in my driveway fell down due to strong winds. (I had thought I brought it into the garage. >.>) The backboard cracked and the rim broke off, granted I had used this hoop everyday for 5 years, I still expected it to hold up, but it didn't. So, because I didn't have the money to go out and buy a hoop right away, I was without a basketball hoop for almost a month. I was able to play a few times because I would drive to a local outdoor court, but I wasn't able to go everyday.

Maybe you see what I'm getting to. When you are used doing something you enjoy everyday, no matter what it is, it's hard when you suddenly are unable to do so.


-Matt Graham

The End of an Era - 9.14.2007

I have been officially banned from the US World of Warcraft forums on my Punchline - the level 64 Gnome Rogue - account. For information on the banning, you can read my WoWWiki article.

-Matt Graham

Watch It - 9.11.2007

No explanation needed.

-Matt Graham

Behind The Avatar: Ellie - 9.10.2007

Ellie, a 21 year old Philosophy student from the state of California, enjoys playing her female Night Elf warrior from the Kirin Tor server during her free time.

Behind the Avatar is a new feature on World of Blogcraft. Every week, I'll post a picture of someone's avatar and the face behind them. So, if you want to be featured on Blogcraft, e-mail us at with a picture of you and your avatar, along with some basic, not-to-personal info.

-Matt Graham

Post #100 - 9.10.2007

Three hundred thirty-two (332) days later, and World of Blogcraft has reached 100 total posts! When I first started this blog, I never thought that I would reach this goal, but I have. It's a great feeling! :)

Now, looking forward, what do you think will happen with Blizzard between now and when World of Blogcraft reaches 200 posts? Comment this post with any thoughts you might have!

-Matt Graham

Make Love, Not Warcraft Wins An Emmy - 9.9.2007

The season ten South Park episode entitled, Make Love, Not Warcraft, has now officially won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour). Congratulations to the machinimators, Terran Gregory and Tristan Pope, that helped Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the production of this episode. World of Warcraft has come to yet another milestone in the world of entertainment(craft?)!

-Matt Graham

The Art of Stealthing IRL - 9.9.2007

Around my school and work, I'm known as the funny dude who will do anything to make people laugh. However, I can safely say that the act of Stealthing IRL, is something that I'd never have the guts to do.

The linked video is probably one of the funniest WoW related videos I've seen in a while. I totally recommend that you check it out!

Now, you could call me a "closet geek". Not a whole lot of my real life friends know that I play fantasy games, much less that I play WoW and write freakin' blog entries about it. So, I give the kid that made this a LOT of credit. You get 5/5 stars from me, buddy.

P.S. - Digg this story!

-Matt Graham

WoW Den - 9.9.2007

On August 24, a guy named Jon created WoW Den. WoW Den is a new World of Warcraft blog focusing on guides, tips, and tools. Along with long and helpful posts, Jon has pages containing a list of tools, guides, and toys. For a new blog, he has some big lists. So, check out Jon's blog, WoW Den!

-Matt Graham

The Karazhan Raid Timer - 9.8.2007

Why is Karazhan, the first level 70 10-man raid instance, STILL on a 7-day reset timer? I mean c'mon, Blizzard!

According to WoW Jutsu, 99.99% of level 70 characters have seen, at least, the first trash mob group of Karazhan. With any somewhat experienced guild, you can finish Karazhan in only 3-4 hours, and with a PUG group you can finish it in about 5 hours! A raid instance that only takes one night of raiding, one small night of raiding, should NOT be on a 7-day reset timer.

Karazhan is an extremely important stepping stone for raiding in the Burning Crusade, and now that people have learned the instance, it's time for guilds to be able to get their gear a little quicker.

It's time to change Karazhan to a 5-day, or maybe even a 4-day timer, Blizzard.

This may seem like an old subject, but I thought that I should bring it up because the issue is still out there.

-Matt Graham

Bai Bai Interwebz - 9.4.2007

Starting in 45 minutes, I'm going to be without internet for 24-48 hours. Oh Joy...

Well, that's just a 'heads-up'. Peace out.

-Matt Graham

BlizzCon 2007 Beta Key - 9.3.2007

If you attended BlizzCon 2005, you received a free beta key in your 'goodie-bag'. Eventually, BlizzCon attendees were able to use that beta key to play the beta version of the Burning Crusade. So, I was wondering what you guys think the beta key from BlizzCon 2007 will be for. Starcraft II? WoW: Wrath of the Lich King? Possibly even Diablo III? Comment this post!

Personally, if I had to guess, I think (hope) it's going to be for WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, but that's just me.

-Matt Graham

Donate to Blogcraft! - 9.2.2007

If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a PayPal donate button on the left side of this page right under my Blogroll. It has been there for a while now, and has never been touched. I'm not QQing here, I'm just reminding everyone. Any donation will help - whether it's 5 cents, 5 dollars, or 5,000 dollars, it still helps.

Here at Blogcraft, we hope to attend the next BlizzCon, so let's see how much the donations can help!

-Matt Graham

Digg Blogcraft! - 9.2.2007

I have added a Digg button on the left side of this page, so Digg Blogcraft whenever you get a chance!

-Matt Graham

Web-Based Auction House Database - 9.1.2007

Someone on 'teh interwebz' has created an online database for World of Warcraft's auction house. It is a live, web-based, database that allows you to search for current auctions on your server - from your browser. It's pretty nifty, so check it out.

-Matt Graham