Hallow's End Is Here!! - 10.18.2006

It’s finally here!! I am so excited!!

So, the first thing I did was log in at Ironforge, and then I flew to Southshore right away. I picked up the two quests available. I didn’t have much time, so I just did the Wickerman quest. I flew to Chillwind Camp and scouted out the Wickerman. Then, I went through Silverpine to get back to Southshore. The first thing that I did when I got back was make Southshore my hearth spot (lol, I love Southshore during Hallow’s End so much), then I turned in the quest, got my 15 candies, and started to play around. I’ve only used two candies so far, but I’ve already had fun. The first one gave me an orange glow and made me as tall as a Human (I’m a Gnome), and the second one turned me into one of those skeleton-looking things with armor. So, comment this post on your Hallow’s End adventures so far!!


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