Pros and Cons of the Burning Crusade - 10.13.2006

So, I was trolling the forums as usual, and I found a very interesting thread by Carcass from the Garithos realm. Carcass was invited to the Burning Crusade BETA (unlike me), and since the NDA was lifted, he would like to share a few points about the expansion. He wrote out a nice list of some “pros and cons” of the Burning Crusade.

Carcass writes,
- The Dark Portal is as cool as you thought it would be!!- The Outland is huge, plenty of area to explore.- There is plenty of content, lots of quests.- The story is robust(you will see massive corpses of ‘famous’ lore)- The mobs are very challenging.- Each zone in the Outlands has some type of world PvP objective.- Each new race has many subtle little things that make it cool. (Blood Elves have self sweeping brooms that just wander around cleaning the floors)- Blood Elf racials a mana drain and a silence(well explore this more later)- Loot is plentiful, sockets provide vast flexiblity- Arena has massive potential(need more people in beta since there wasn’t much going on right now)

- The flying mounts that are 150% speed are 5000g.- The mob models are basically the same as the rest of WoW’s models with new ’skin textures’.- Lvl 60 basic mobs are difficult, feels like there needs to be balance here.- Sockets are overwhelming. To some that like it simple, these sockets become to much.- Loot is unbalanced. GREENs are better then some of today’s instance EPICS. Example - Lvl 57 GREEN boots that had +19 spell damage AND healing, +19 int, AND + 14 Crit rating(no more Crit %) and the loot dropped off of a basic mob. There were blues linked in our beta guild that were better then Tier 2 Epic loot.- The Mage Water Elemental talent is a big disappointment. It looks basic and doesn’t lat long enough to be of any real help(45 sec)- Mage Invisibility is to short to be really useful- I have this ‘fear’ that once I’ve explored all of the Outland, which will be by the end of this weekend, I’ll be saying ‘that is not enough for me to continue on’. Which leads me into…- It feels like the same grind, better gear, more sockets, more ‘i’m better then you’. Now for some that just want content and care less about better then you, it will last for 2 months and you’ll be done. For those that are gear crazy, it will be endless because of sockets.”

Now, I personally think this list is awesome. It gives a lot of information out to those many unfortunate people who weren’t invited to participate in the Burning Crusade BETA. Thanks Carcass!!


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