Premades Must End - 12.15.2006

So, I’ve been grinding in Arathi Basin for the past two days. I have managed about 85 marks of honor and 8-8.5k honor with my mediocre gear and my guilds premade groups. Once, we even managed a 2000 to 0 win in 6 minutes. Here lies the problem. The problem is that if I wasn’t in a premade group for those two days, I would probably be with 40-50 marks and 4k honor - if that. I am lucky to be in a fairly manageable PvP guild, but my friend, who played in PUGs all day won his BG games only a few times. As much as I am happy to have a good premade available whenever I want, I am against premades. This new honor system was made for casuals to get good gear, but it is a flawed system if they still are not able to obtain gear because their PUGs constantly lose to premades. That is just my opinion. What are your thought? E-mail me at or leave a comment on this post!!


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Anonymous said...

Casuals can keep their blue gear. The system is already a slap in the face to former Grand Marshals who at least put in the massive quantities of time to earn their gear if nothing else.

And taking away "premades" takes away the one aspect of battlegrounds that requires skill: teamwork...because it's certainly not there in pugs.