While I Was Gone... - 4.27.2007

So, what happened while I was gone and made a meaningful post? Well, I left Blogcraft on January 15th, 2007, so I have a feeling that this is gunna be a long list. Let's just go ahead and get to it...

P.S. - Keep in mind that I'm only gunna list major stuff. If I listed every minor update to WoW since January 15th, I'd be at my computer for days.


The Burning Crusade Is Launched - January 16th
WoW Action Figures - January 18th
The BC Breaks Records - January 23rd


BC Online Upgrade Available - February 2nd
The BC Comes To China - February 2nd
WoW Board Game: Shadows of War - February 2nd
Blizzard Sues "WoW Glider" Bot - February 22nd
The Black Temple And Tier 6 - February 23rd


The WoW Armory Is Released - March 1st
Blizzard Seeks New GM's - March 28th


Black Temple Attunement Chart [April Fools] - April 1st
Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth To Be Released [April Fools] - April 1st
New Item: The Tin Foil Hat [April Fools] - April 1st
Darkmoon Faire Coming To Austin - April 3rd
Battlegrounds Gear Matching - April 3rd
The BC Released In Taiwan - April 3rd
Noblegarden - April 8th
Blizzard Announces BlizzCon 2007 - April 12th
2.1.0 PTR Goes Live - 13th

-Matt Graham

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