Northrend AND Great Sea Expansion? - 6.28.2007

I know that I've always been the one with my mind only set on the idea of the next expansion being Northrend, but I've opened up my mind a little to other possibilities. So, I've been thinking...

Why does everyone seem to say that Northrend and The Great Sea would have to be two separate expansions? To be completely honest, I can't see The Great Sea having its own expansion. There just isn't enough content there to be equal to or more content-filled than Outland is. I believe that the next expansion could be a mixture of The Great Sea and Northrend. I'll throw out a name that may sound cool. World of Warcraft: Expedition to Northrend. Sound good?

Besides just opinion, I have some facts to help my theory:

1. Undermine is currently the only way to reach Northrend (aside from the Emerald Dream).
2. The Isle of Kezan is just above Undermine, so implementation would make sense.
3. Old whiteboards show a connection between Undermine and Kul Tiras.

The entire joint-content would revolve around Undermine and Northrend.

I think that a joint-content expansion of both The Great Sea and Northrend would be not only great for the players, but a very smart move for Blizzard.

Just some of my thoughts.

-Matt Graham

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