Flying Labs/SOE Partnership - 6.27.2007

Yesterday, Flying Labs Software (Pirates of the Burning Sea) announced that they would be partnering up with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) to publish Pirates of the Burning Sea. PotBS will be part of the "SOE Station".

Here is how the responsibilities will break down:

Flying Lab Software
- Game Development
- Community
- Customer Support
- Server Operations

Sony Online Entertainment
- Billing
- Launcher
- Retail Distribution
- Localization
- Marketing

Congratulations to Flying Labs. One of the great things that will come out of this is that PotBS will be on the "Station Access Pass". The Station Access Pass has you pay 30 dollars a month, but gives you access to every SOE game. This includes Everquest II, Vanguard, Star Wars Galaxies, soon PotBS, etc.

-Matt Graham

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