Watching WoW - 6.25.2007

So, for the past three days I've been in company of an old friend from the other side of the country (USA). We've been best friends since we were just two years old, but now I fear that all we have in common is games.

My house currently holds one computer that can run WoW and two gamers. One of those two gamers, my friend, is playing WoW while I've been writing this. Now, he recently bought a new account and rolled up a "noob". Right now, my friend is questing with his level 18 Priest in Redridge. As for me, I'm bored out of my mind. Watching someone level in WoW is probably the most boring thing I've ever done. Unfortunately, all we have in common anymore is games. So, we just take turns playing WoW back and forth. He'll be here for another week, so this blog will get some good use in the next seven days with this laptop.

Damn this laptop for not being able to run WoW!

-Matt Graham

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