What's your favorite class to play? - 6.26.2007

So, I asked the forum goers on the official World of Warcraft forums what their favorite class to play is. After 8 pages of replies, this is what I received:

Druid: 16
Hunter: 12
Mage: 20
Paladin: 14
Priest: 8
Rogue: 9
Shaman: 9
Warlock: 7
Warrior: 10

It seems as though most WoW players prefer to play Mages. However, could the data I received be false? Maybe most forum goers play Mages, or maybe the players really do prefer Mages. Also, why is it that Warlocks, the class considered to be the most overpowered, received the least amount of votes? Maybe we'll never know...

What's YOUR favorite class? Comment this post telling Blogcraft what your favorite class is and maybe add an explanation.

-Matt Graham

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