BlizzCon Countdown: Announcements - 7.28.2007

Six days until BlizzCon.

Rushyman of Boulderfist posted on the official BlizzCon Discussion Forum today with the BlizzCon event schedule.

At 1 o'clock PM (I assume PST), the World of Warcraft Panel begins - at the same time, the WoW demo stations have opened (for testing of the new expansion?). The first general WoW Panel is when I assume the new expansion will be announced. Directly after the opening WoW Panel, we have a WoW Class Discussion. While this is a stretch, I now have some reason to believe that a new class (or classes) or hero classes will be announced for the next expansion at this time. After the Class Discussion, we have a Raid & Dungeon Discussion - with every new expansion comes new raids and dungeons. I assume so much because that is all the World of Warcraft discussions for day 1 and right after the time when announcements would take place.

Another reason to believe this is because on day 2 we see less important discussions like items/professions, PvP, and lore/quests. However, we once again see a general WoW Panel and another Class Discussion. Now, my guess would be that the Class Discussion on day 2 is in regards to the current classes while day 1's discussion is about new classes for the next expansion.

Lots of guessing was just done, but in six days we won't have to guess anymore.

-Matt Graham

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Cob said...

Actually, it's most likely a repeat of the same panel like they did in 2005.

If they were introducing a new class, they would do it during the opening presentation, and would be talking about it in both class panels.