BlizzCon Countdown: WoW 3.0 - 7.20.2007

Fourteen days until BlizzCon.

A fellow by the name of Kablamo over on the MMO-Champion forums is claiming that his leaks of the next WoW expansion are the real thing. Please note that none of what he states in his forum post has been officially announced (besides the fact that Engineering is the first on the list of 'profession reviews').

One really interesting thing that he claims to have leaked is that Blizzard is adding one final class to the game. Oh my God! Death Knight, please! He also points out that Blizzard will be introducing two new continents. Possibly the Great Sea and Northrend? He claims a new mount will be introduced. The only thing I can imagine would be some sort of water mount - maybe a boat.

Now, the most interesting thing that he points out is the new concept of "mercenaries". He described it in some detail, so just check out the post for more information on it.

Whether this is truth or not, it's an interesting thing to see.

-Matt Graham

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