Undermine Confirmed - 7.29.2007

PLEASE NOTE: At the time I wrote this post, I was told that everything here was confimed, however my source has now backed off. The following is, of course, very probable, but it is no longer 100%. I'd say more like 85-90%.

Today, Blizzplanet released a good article on the speculation of Diablo 3. Although relating to Diablo 3, this same article confirmed the release of Undermine.

Whether it's the entire expansion content or not, Undermine has been confirmed.

"The informant said Team 2's (WoW) codename, but it was way too evident, rather than an analogy. This was another sign I noticed where the informant could be fake, as it didn't follow the analogy pattern. I won't reveal it here, but just take a look at your World of Warcraft Collector's Edition DVD (2004)."

If you remember, in one shot in that DVD, you could see a map of Undermine. Undermine is the only possibility because it's the only unreleased content on that DVD.

Blizzplanet also states the following, "You should get your hands asap on the World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery PDF file or hardcover to read up 'possible' lore content for the upcoming WoW expansion."

The Lands of Mystery RPG book includes BOTH Undermine and Northrend. While this may also confirm Northrend, we KNOW that it confirms Undermine.

So, with both these things including Undermine and Blizzplanet telling us that we'll find the answer in these two things, I'm pretty sure I've got something here.

UPDATE: To add to the proof, I posted a thread with this information on the official US WoW Forums and it was taken down with a matter of 30 seconds.
UPDATE 2: Blizzplanet has now removed the article from their website. Hmmm...

Okay, so it's not OFFICIALLY confirmed by Blizzard, but pretty much.

-Matt Graham

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