All Aboard! Last Zeppelin to Northrend! - 8.4.2007

So, we now know that Northrend will be our next stop, the only question is, "When does this Zeppelin leave?!".

If you didn't understand that genius metaphor, I'm asking the question of, "When will WoW: WotLK be release?!". During one of the WoW panel Q&A sessions yesterday, Tom Chilton used the infamous Blizzard line, "...When it's ready.". Obviously the players want more than that. So, I'm here to speculate.

Now, the first time we actually saw a gameplay footage trailer for the Burning Crusade, like the one we saw for Wrath of the Lich King yesterday, was at E3 2006 (May 10th-12th). Eight months later, January 2007, TBC was released.

I don't think anyone expected the trailer that we saw yesterday to have actually been so 'in-depth' for the announcement like it was. For the announcement of TBC at BlizzCon 2005, all we got was a trailer showing some concept art and text on a black background claiming the new things that we'd see. So, if my theory is at all somewhat plausible, I think we'll see WotLK somewhere around eight months from now (judging by the fact that the first gameplay trailer for TBC was shown eight months before its release).

My final verdict? I think we'll be seeing WoW: WotLK somewhere around April of 2008. Although this guess may seem fully based on when the first gameplay trailers were released and when the actual game came out, I also just think that April 2008 would be a good time for releasing it. However, this guess is subject to change. :p

-Matt Graham

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