Wolf Quest: The WoW Killer - 8.20.2007

Okay, so maybe it's not the next WoW killer... Actually, I think the only 'killing' that it will be doing is killing itself. Damn emo MMO...

But seriously... Please tell me that this is a joke. I mean c'mon! Wolf Quest?! This is ridiculous! Just look at the gameplay video! The kids are straight out of the '90s and they're howling at their damn computers! The kids get excited when they kill an elk and when the dog - excuse me, wolf - pisses a f**cking lake. Jack Thompson had better be all over this!

UPDATE: Looks like the system requirements are extremely high. /Sarcasm Off

And I thought that the 'Africa MMO' was bad.

-Matt Graham

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But yes, this game looks like it will rock.