World of... Podcraft? - 8.13.2007

Podcasting is the new blogging, as Tobold says. He's right. However, while he won't be joining this movement, I will. Don't fear though, World of Blogcraft will still be going as usual.

I've been planning on doing a World of Warcraft podcast for a long time. So why haven't I yet? Well, I don't trust myself as a solo host, so I've been searching for a co-host.

So, if you, or you know anyone, that would like to be a co-host with me on a WoW podcast, e-mail me at telling me about yourself and why you should be a co-host.

P.S. - Adding a 5 minute demo of yourself talking about WoW in the e-mail would greater your chances. :)

-Matt Graham

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