The Art of Stealthing IRL - 9.9.2007

Around my school and work, I'm known as the funny dude who will do anything to make people laugh. However, I can safely say that the act of Stealthing IRL, is something that I'd never have the guts to do.

The linked video is probably one of the funniest WoW related videos I've seen in a while. I totally recommend that you check it out!

Now, you could call me a "closet geek". Not a whole lot of my real life friends know that I play fantasy games, much less that I play WoW and write freakin' blog entries about it. So, I give the kid that made this a LOT of credit. You get 5/5 stars from me, buddy.

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-Matt Graham

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Liluu said...

I concur, very funny idd