The Karazhan Raid Timer - 9.8.2007

Why is Karazhan, the first level 70 10-man raid instance, STILL on a 7-day reset timer? I mean c'mon, Blizzard!

According to WoW Jutsu, 99.99% of level 70 characters have seen, at least, the first trash mob group of Karazhan. With any somewhat experienced guild, you can finish Karazhan in only 3-4 hours, and with a PUG group you can finish it in about 5 hours! A raid instance that only takes one night of raiding, one small night of raiding, should NOT be on a 7-day reset timer.

Karazhan is an extremely important stepping stone for raiding in the Burning Crusade, and now that people have learned the instance, it's time for guilds to be able to get their gear a little quicker.

It's time to change Karazhan to a 5-day, or maybe even a 4-day timer, Blizzard.

This may seem like an old subject, but I thought that I should bring it up because the issue is still out there.

-Matt Graham

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TJ said...

I disagree... Yes every good guild has downed it and my guild can do it in 5-6 hours over wednesday and thursday. Then for the rest of the week, we do Grulls on Mondays and it then resets on Tuesday (Which in Australia there is no raiding as server goes down at 10pm...) Soon we will go into TK and then Kara will be moved.

Any guild that can do kara in 4 hours prolly has it all on farm and will not want much gear from it and are only there to help newbs gear up.

Any new guild will only kill 2-3 bosses (unless they have geared tank/DPS/Heals) When I started a new guild with 2 geared DPS and 2 Geared tanks our healers weren't geared enough and therefore we could only kill Attumen...

Changing this to 4 days will inhibit newish guilds and will not help established guilds at all.