Patch 2.2.2 (Brewfest) On PTRs Now! - 9.23.2007

The testing for patch 2.2.2, the Brewfest patch, has now begun! Because Brewfest will be making it's appearance in October, we can understand that's it's an obvious play on the German Oktoberfest - and you know what that means... BEER!

Two days ago, Hortus confirmed the testing of Brewfest on the PTR forums. He also confirmed that the new Hallow's End content would be tested after Brewfest. Long-time Blogcraft readers will know that Hallow's End is my absolute favorite WoW holiday, so you'll definitely be seeing me on the PTRs when that comes out.

Now, as for all things Brewfest, you should probably check out the amazing guide that Boubouille has posted over on MMO-Champion. From what I've seen, it's everything that you could possibly want to know about Brewfest.

-Matt Graham

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