365 Days Later - 10.13.2007

A year ago today I began writing entries on a little Wordpress blog I created, entitled "World of Blogcraft". Today, this Blogger blog spans over 115 entries and generates a healthy amount of traffic. I would like to thank all my readers and friends for supporting Blogcraft! Thanks everyone!

Here's to another great year for the World of Blogcraft! *toasts Brewfest mug*

P.S. - Now, this is only the third time in a year that I've asked this, but since it's the one year anniversary, I'm going to remind everyone. If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a donate button on the left side of the page. The smallest donation can go further than you would believe. This blog has received zero donations so far. I would love to bring out new features for the readers, but it's hard to when you don't receive any donations. Now, please don't look at this as begging, because I'm not trying to. I'm really just reminding you guys that there is a donate button for a reason. :p

-Matt Graham

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