Hell, It's About Time - 10.11.2007

Oh, oops! Wrong game.

Well, I guess you can use that title for WoW too - in this case. Eyonix has confirmed that a new flight path for Alliance characters will be added to Stranglethorn Vale in patch 2.3. It'll be found at the Rebel Camp. I don't really play Alliance much anymore, but this would have been nice, oh I dunno, like 2 YEARS AGO?!

We're adding a new flight path to Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale. It's coming in patch 2.3.

-Matt Graham

1 comment:

Fugazi said...

"Better late then never"

Remember this game is only at, lets say, 1/2 life at the moment.

How was it? WC3 in 2002, TFT in 2003, WoW in 2004. So we can assume SC2 in 2008, SC2exp in 2009, WoS 2010 ;)

Haha, thats exactly 1/2 life!