Escape From Orgrimmar - 1.2.2008

After 1.5+ years, Myndflame has released the Illegal Danish 2: Escape From Orgrimmar, the sequel to their famed machinima.

In my opinion, it's 24 minutes of "meh". A huge disappointment for me is that most of what was in the trailer for this machinima did not show up in the end project. This includes the "Do you know who I am?!" (Zinwrath's return) part and the Orgrimmar ambush by the Illegal Danish guild members part of the trailer. Also, there was zero character development and the story was very hard to follow at times. The movie just seemed to be all over the place between numerous attempts at humor in unnecessary places and scenes that never actually needed to be there to help continue the story.

All in all, I'd have to give this a 6 out of 10. Sure the editing and quality was great and it was very creative, but it contained a bunch of filler and it was just a huge disappointment given the time Myndflame had with the project. As an example, I'll keep going back to The Grind, a series by Oblivious Films that was able to pump out 4 amazing machinima films out in one year.


Although it's very hard to do, the people are going to compare your movie to Tales of the Past III, so live with it.

Ya, it's free entertainment, but when you put yourself out there and have made your name so big you have to expect criticism.

-Matt Graham


Anonymous said...

It hasn't been 2+ years.

Matt Graham said...

@Anonymous: Then, I guess it's a good thing that I didn't say it's been 2+ years.

Valerion said...

I wonder if me saying "I told you so" would piss anyone off.... meh, who cares. I knew from the get-go this would happen and all the Myndflame-ites did was bash my skull in for being critical in the fact that the dropped the ball twice.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to watch this movie when I get home, but for me Myndflame has fallen hard from how it used to be.
One thing I will say about them is that they didn't turn into RufusCubed and they finally finished the sequel (still waiting on Return 2, chop chop). Kudos on FINALLY releasing it, but you guys lost a lot of credibility.

Walterion said...

I totaly agree Punchline. Now, where is Zinwrath ? He was the Icon of humor on the Myndflame staff! His movie was so good on it's time that you could watch it many many times and still laugh. I hope their 3rd movie doesn't suck as bad as this one, because if this goes downhill the other machinemanators (SP?) will just take their own ways. Although the music was fine (because it was done 1 year ago.).