2.4 Rumblings - 2.7.2008

As I'm sure many of you have seen, both WorldofRaids and MMO-Champion posted a list of 'Potential Class Changes' yesterday with varying degrees of absurdity contained within.

Not that I'm denying the validity of these 'PCCs' (oh abbreviations just make me smile :D ), it would seem fairly reasonable to me that Blizzard would be increasing Lightwell's effectiveness by a whopping 300%. Because it's just such a good ability that is used frequently in both PvE and PvP environments, and far be it from me to suggest that it is swept quickly under the rug, and replaced with a more useful talent. Suggestions? Well maybe an integrated Santa Hat for all those woeful priests doomed to their Emo Headpieces of the Avatar.

Well as enjoyable as it would be to poke fun at Lightwell until it starts bleeding out of its eyes, I should really move on to some of the more relevant PCCs in case they are actually implemented on the PTRs this week (oh God let it be this week).

Now, I'm no Shaman, but it was my understanding that one of the perks, if not the ONLY perk of elemental spec were those nifty Lightning Overloads that made pretty numbers fill your screen. Surely taking away its ability to crit would be fairly suicidal as far as PvE caster Shamans were concerned. I'm sure this one is going to get dragged back to the quintessential 'Elemental Shamans are overpowered in 5v5' argument, where, admittedly, raping the other team's face with insta Chain Lightning and then getting some magnificent reel of critical numbers directly afterwards might be considered a tad too powerful, but it's just one of those things that you should accept and deal with, no? Like Cyclone.

Bringing me swiftly onto the next PCC; Cyclone range reduced to 20 yards. I have to say the previous week's fake patch notes made me giggle with the introduction of a cooldown on that spell - right. This week's version is slightly more believable albeit late in the day (It's been fine for a year; why change it now? Oh, that's right, the number of whine posts has topped one million, kk). Admittedly the spell is slightly overpowered in PvP and a change is probably a good thing. This reduction to 20 yards is a much better idea than any cooldown - if nothing else it forces the druid closer to the action and makes it harder to run away like a giant pansy. Whoops, I mean like an agile Cheetah.

Upon reflection this post has turned into a whine about changes that aren't even confirmed, but hell, I'm in a whining sort of mood! I won't even touch on the Warlock changes (say goodbye to raid DPS) for fear of getting a sharp jab to my jugular from angry peons. Speaking of which, congratulations to Blizzard for winning their lawsuit against the Peon4Hire goldsellers. Now if you could just take care of the 267,451 other goldselling companies, it would really brighten my day :D .

Just to up the ante of this depressing read; a fast /cheer for good things in 2.4! Spell haste reducing Global Cooldown! Sunwell! Caverns of Time teleporter (it's about time)! Dailies increased to 25!

-Joe Zara [Phoee]

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