Burnout - 6.5.2008

No, this post is not about a crazy, arcade-style racing game - although it could be.

I'm currently suffering from burnout in WoW. It's as simple as that. I haven't played WoW since maybe a week and a half before my recent vacation. The WoW posting isn't going to stop - I just simply won't be logging on for a while.

I'm going to take this time away from WoW to take care of some things in the real world, as well as casually game on my Xbox 360. Yesterday, I downloaded Fable from the Xbox Live Marketplace in the "Xbox Originals" section. I had never played Fable before, but I always wanted to. So, now I'll casually work my way through that, and when I finish, I hope to buy Pyschonauts through the same system - another game I have never played, but always wanted to.

So, that, and posting here on Blogcraft, is what I'll probably be doing for a little while. Hopefully WoW will feel very fresh and new when I get back to playing it in the future.

-Matt Graham

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