BFD Sucks... - 7.31.2008

Because I'm STILL not in the WotLK beta, I just don't have anything to post about. Lucky for you guys, I had such a terrible experience in WoW last night that I decided to post about it.

So, I joined a group for BFD last night because I knew it had some good Warrior drops (I was on my Warrior) and I had a quest with a reward of a nice shield. I had only run it once before on another character - which is weird for me because I LOVE running instances - so it felt like a new experience to me.

It all began with the realization that it might take a little while to begin the instance because out of the five in the group, only one was already in Kalimdor. Whatever, right? It'll just be an extra 15 minutes at the most to wait for a summon. Wrong. None of the other 4 had Menethil, Loch Modan, OR Astranaar flight paths. Joy.

Almost one hour later, I arrived at the meeting stone for BFD. Me and the other guy there summoned the 3 other group members. We jumped down into the instance and finally made our way to the portal. There first thing I saw was a lot of non-aggro mobs. Like in ZF, all these mobs ever do is cause groups trouble. The second someone casts any AoE, the group of mobs that you're currently fighting could go from 3 to 6 - in which case a wipe is very possible. These mobs, elite mobs, have absolutely no purpose to be in instances. Now, we never wiped because of these mobs, but we came very close when I accidentally clicked Thunder Clap when tanking the first boss - who is surrounded by about 10 non-aggro mobs.

Continuing on, while fighting naga after naga, we tried to avoid dying by running out of breath. It's not like we're idiots for almost dying because of that, it's just that we aren't use to having to pay attention to that extra hassle in an instance. This caused us the most trouble when fighting the boss Old Serra'kis, a Loch Ness Monster look-alike who lives in an underfreakingwater cave that you have to completely leave to regain your breath. My breath ran out while tanking and if it weren't for some lucky heals, we would have wiped.

A little bit before the encounter with Old Serra'kis, we fought Lorguss Jett, who is supposed to be a boss - according to WoWWiki. Guess what he dropped? Some Wool Cloth. Possibly the WORST boss drops in the entire freaking game.

Immediately after Old Serra'kis I left the instance - because I had to go somewhere, but that's besides the point. So, I didn't get the shield, and I'm not going to get it. I will never step into BFD, Blizzard's worst instance, ever again.

Believe it or not, I actually had a lot more to say about BFD regarding line of sight issues, overused frost nova, etc. Unfortunately, my nerd rage made me forget some stuff. >.>

/end rant

-Matt Graham

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