Goodbye, NDA! - 7.17.2008

The WotLK NDA is officially out the window! MMO-Champion is preparing to feed us with MASSIVE amounts of WotLK information. Boubouille has begun by posting the Borean Tundra page - but that's just the beginning!

UPDATE: Boubouille's Howling Fjord page is now up as well!
UPDATE 2: The Grizzly Hills page is now up.
UPDATE 3: The Dragonblight page is now up.
UPDATE 4: Boubouille now has a page up for the instance called The Nexus.
UPDATE 5: Boubouille posted a great HD video of Utgarde Keep.

WotLK Preview - Utgarde Keep from Boubouille on Vimeo.

-Matt Graham

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