The Joyous Honor Grind - 7.16.2008

I gotta be honest. I'm playing WoW EXTREMELY casual right now. Basically, I'm just playing while I wait for Warhammer Online and/or Wrath of the Lich King. I'm pretty much just doing the honor grind in the battlegrounds trying to obtain my season 2 gear, that's all. I'm currently sporting 3/5 of the set with only the leggings and the gloves to go; I'll probably be getting the leggings tonight because I have all the marks and I'm only 2k honor away.

I don't really hate the honor grind like most people, it just feels very robotic. I'm just doing it to either hold me over until WAR comes out or so I can grind through the beginning WotLK content quicker than I did with BC.

There hasn't been anything to post about recently - WoW-wise at least, my WAR blog is kickin'. Or, maybe I just haven't felt like it. Who knows? I'm just waiting for the Fall season to come to I'll know where I'll be for hopefully the next few years - be it WAR or WoW and it's expansions.

Is the end near?

-Matt Graham

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Aticus said...

I feel the same way about blogging about WoW. Now that I'm not playing anymore and we've finally hit the dead-summer-gaming-season, there's no point blogging about... well... nothing.

By the way, I loved the Honor grind. There's just something about AV that really made me happy.