The New Runescape In HD - 7.3.2008

Before there was WoW, Runescape was my game. I loved it! I played it all the time. It's a really fun game, there is no doubt about it. However, being a simple browser game played with a Java client, it has become the butt of many MMO jokes. Even though I no longer play the game, I still (and always will) root for it - I want to see it do well.

For the first time is a LONG time, the Runescape graphics have been upgraded - as well as the main website itself. It's not a small upgrade either, on the contrary, it's HUGE! That's not all, though! The game is now playable in full screen! Now you may get the true MMO feel when playing! I may just have to load up my old character to check this out!

The below video is from Jagex. You may watch it here, but I recommened watching it on YouTube in HD.

-Matt Graham

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