The WotLK Crapematic - 8.21.2008

What crap. I mean, ya it looks pretty and sounds great, but Blizzard cinematics always do.

This is one of the most boring cinematics I've ever seen Blizzard put out. They should be embarrassed by it. We don't need to see Arthas in every minute of every Blizzard cinematic. We know his story, we don't need to hear it yet again. Where were new player abilities in the cinematic? Where were the Death Knights (besides Arthas of course)? Where was the catch phrase?

Where were there any varieties of races and classes? I only saw three things. Arthas/Lich King (wow, haven't seen that before), a Frost Wyrm (okay, so that was new and kinda cool), and a horde of generic Scourge soldiers (BORING).

I wanted to see a few Death Knight's fighting Nerubians in Azjol-Nerub as they make their way to Anub'arak. I wanted to see an Orc Warrior utilizing Titan's Grip. I wanted to see Tirion Fordring wielding the Ashbringer and leading a charge of Paladins into a demon infested area. etc.

It just seems to me that Blizzard looked at everything that we like in the cinematics and took it out.

My final grade? 4/10 King Terenas' monologue "saved" it from being a complete pile of crap.

-Matt Graham


Aticus said...


A really poor job.

I wanted a catch phrase too! Like, "Stand before your new... KING!" or "Join me in death."

Anonymous said...

Good to know I wasn't the only one rolling my eyes half way threw.

Darkalus said...

I have to disagree. Even though that there aren't any Death Knight footage or fighting sequences, it is not boring at all, in my opinion.

The King Terenas voice over was superb, I loved the irony. "My child, I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness!" This trailer is very different from the previous two, I agree. The tone and mood is very different, as it focusses on the lore of the Lich King Arthas. Yes, if this trailer was another action and character packed trailer it would be cool, but Blizzard decided to do it in another creative way, which I find quite impressive. So well done, Blizzard.

That is my opinion. :)