2.0.3 PTR's Are Up - 12.21.2006

Well, this came as a bit of an unexpected surprise, but the PTR's for patch 2.0.3 are now up.

Drysc stated,

" The Public Test Realms are now live with the 2.0.3 patch!

This patch test carries a unique and significant difference over previous PTRs as we’re testing a post-expansion realm environment. Current Closed Beta testers will be able to access the public 2.0.3 PTR as “expansion owners” and will continue to have access to expansion content. Players not currently in the Closed Beta will be present and testing as “non-expansion players”, and will only be allowed access to non-expansion content. Along with testing the changes and updates made in the 2.0.3 patch, we will also be testing how an expansion realm will operate with both expansion and non-expansion players present.

As always we appreciate your involvement, testing, and feedback.

You can begin participating by downloading the client and copying your characters to the PTRs through the following link: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/ptr/

Please be sure to visit the Test Realm forum for more information and to post feedback, bug reports, and discussions: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/board.html?sid=1&forumId=11572"

More info on the PTR's coming soon!!


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