Punchline: Part 1 - 10.22.2006

Punchline is my Gnome Rogue. It's been a long journey with him. I never thought I would reach 60, and neither did any of my friends (real life and in-game). I eventually did hit 60, but I'm still pretty "nOOby". My gear isn't very good at all. I was really excited to hear about how casuals could obtain good gear in patch 2.0, so I began right away. Unfortunately, I didn't start my PvPing until after the 30% honor reduction, but that's okay because today I got my GM Longsword!! I was very excited when I received it. Now, I am going for the epic gear and then eventually my off-hand swiftblade. So, leading my guild (First Blood) as the leader and armed with my longsword and Dal'Rend's off-hand, I will post updates on Punchline's progress every Friday.


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