Blizzard, You Are Not Prepared - 1.6.2007

Ever since Blizzard released their new cinematic for the Burning Crusade with the quote, "You are not prepared!", it's changed the forums. It seems like ever other post is, "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED". Well, I got to thinking, and... Is Blizzard prepared?

I think that Blizzard is trying, but they should have done this earlier. Tseric posted about the new "Realm Splitting" that is going to be tested on a BC beta server. (Find out more with the provided link.) The main idea of realm splitting is taking an over populated realm and splitting it into two separate realms. So, while this may be good for the future (lowering queues), Blizzard really shouldn't have waited so long to try this. Realm splitting really should have been ready for the Burning Crusade - in my opinion.

Also, the Blizzard CMs haven't been answering enough questions regarding the expansion pack lately. I feel that there are too many players getting false answers from other players that have been misinformed.

Blizzard, please be prepared, please. I wanna be able to play after I install the BC at 1 o'clock in the morning. I sure hope you have your - dare I say it - s**t together.

10 days remaining...


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