Looking Ahead At Another Year of WoW - 1.1.2007

So, after looking back at the past year in WoW, how about we now look ahead at the year to come.

Well, only 15 days until the Burning Crusade is released. The countdown has now begun on many forums, blogs, etc. There is even a website dedicated to the countdown. But what happens after the release? What happens after everyone reaches level 70? What happens after the Blood Elf Paladins and the Draenei Shamans reach level 70?

Illidan's Black Temple will probably be implemented around the beginning of the summer (2007). After that instance is released, it'll probably be at least 6 months before Illidan is "downed". ("Downed" is in quotes because Blizzard probably won't kill off Illidan.) I don't think Blizzard will mess this one up. I don't think we will see Illidan being "downed" until at least halfway into the year. But what comes after that? Will Blizzard keep their promise to release a content expansion once a year? Will we see an expansion around February of 2008? It is really hard to take guesses at these things. It will be much, much easier to start making guesses after seeing how long it really takes to get to 70, and then eventually how long it takes to "down" Illidan. So, there is still much to question, but we will wait a while to see what happens after January 16th and when the smoke clears.


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