The Geek Media - 8.31.2007

I would like to announce that World of Blogcraft is now a founding member of The Geek Media which launched at midnight last night. Myself, as well as Blogcraft of course, has been a part of The Geek Media for quite a while now, I just couldn't tell you all yet. So, here it is!

We are not the mainstream media. We are not the underground media. We are The Geek Media. Welcome to another chapter in the world of new media.

The Geek Media is a network of all types of new media. Podcasts, animation, machinima, musical works, video, articles and so much more are right at your fingertips. All of us work together to not only create our own media but, also media for The Geek Media itself. As time goes on, we will be attending many events and bringing you video and audio coverage of these events.

On The Geek Media's website, you will find a variety of categories of different shows, visual stimulation and even intellectual stimulation. There's something for almost everyone at The Geek Media. Join us for a new look at the world of new media.

As Insomnia, another founding member of The Geek Media points out over at her blog, Playtime!, The Geek Media is a hub for everything geeky; blogs, podcasts, machinima, music, and just about everything you'd want to find that's geeky.

So, check it out. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

P.S. - You will always be able to find a link to The Geek Media directly above the archive directory.

-Matt Graham

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