Tigole Interview 2 - 8.25.2007

Today, Curse Gaming interviewed Tigole from the Games Convention at Leipzig. We got a little more information about WotLK, as well a some hints for further expansions. So, here is what we got out of the interview...

  • Utgarde Keep, in the Howling Fjord, will be a winged dungeon with two instances. One instance is for level 70 players (demoed at BlizzCon) and the other is for level 80 players - called Utgarde Pinnacle.
  • We found out that the main idea of Inscription (new profession) is not to "add 100 more spell damage", but instead to do things like increase the radius of Frost Nova or make the players trapped in the nova for a longer time.
  • Tigole also touched on the leveling curve that will be implemented before the release of WotLK as a pre-expansion patch. Players between level 20 and 60 will have the experience required to level reduced as well as having the experience reward from quests increased by 30%.
  • Curse asked Tigole if he had anything to say about the Hunter class, because of their current status in the game. He talked about the possibility of a woodworking profession for Hunters to allow the creation of arrows. He claims that it's an idea that's been tossed around quite a bit lately. However, don't expect this in WotLK, at least not in the retail box version. Also, because of the weakness of Hunters in the arena, Tigole claimed that they are toying around with the idea of a 'mortal strike'-type shot that would reduced the healing effectiveness of the target.

-Matt Graham

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