BlizzCon Countdown: Very. Huge. Leak. - 8.1.2007

Two days until BlizzCon.

Apparently, last night a thread went up on the official EU WoW forums and was deleted in seconds. Luckily, a German fansite caught the text before the deletion and posted it on their site. (Scroll down on the site for English.) The contents are as follows:

- The expansion takes place at Northrend (with content designed for players level 68+).
- The opening zone in Northrend will be the Howling Fjord.
- We WILL fight Arthas. Will we kill him? Hmmm...
- The level cap will be 80.
- The Death Knight class is being introduced as a hero class. This will work in a way that you will need to meet a certain criteria before being able to 'roll' a Death Knight. The Death Knight will be a DPS/Tank class.
- More hero classes will be added in time.
- A new battleground with siege weapons and destructible buildings will be introduced.
- Inscription, the new profession, will allow players to upgrade their spells and abilities. (Think of it as enchanting for your skills.)

For more information and specifics, scroll down a bit on the site and read the FAQ.

P.S. - Please note that not one piece of this information has been confirmed by Blizzard. So, while it may be very true, the highest probability it can be is 99%. :p

-Matt Graham

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