WoW: WotLK Cinematic - 8.1.2007

I wish I could tell you that you'll see a leaked cinematic for Wrath of the Lich King in this post, but I can't. However, I have the next best thing. Bullshoot from the Azjol-Nerub server (very fitting) posted his idea for the opening cinematic for WoW: WotLK. To my surprise, this idea is actually, well... Amazing...

"Screen is dark. A voice begins to speak."

"For five years I have watched the meaningless fighting between the Alliance..."

Quickly cuts to a scene of Alliance marching up a snowy mountain; cuts back to black

"...and the Horde."

Quickly cuts to a scene of Horde marching through and icy forest; cuts back to black

"I have waited far to long for my reign to wrath shall be unleashed..."

Slowly, the golden words "Blizzard Entertainment Presents" flows into the screen; slowly disappears and fades to a scene of Sylvannas Windrunner sleeping on her throne. Epic music begins to play.

All of a sudden, her eyes open; she arcs off her chair and runs down the halls of the Undercity; finally she reaches the Trade Quarter. There she sees her Forsaken fighting off Scourge forces. She readies her bow.

Scene fades to a close up of a Night Elf's crystal blue eye. Camera zooms out and reveals Tyrande Whisperwind riding her white tiger, slashing Scourge forces as she rides through Darnassus. Staghelm is seen shooting druidic magic at the undead below while riding a Hippogryph. Scene zooms out at a bird's eye view and a scene of Darnassus surrounded by Scourge.

Quick shots show the Alliance races fighting off Scourge at their respective cities (even gnomes)

Quick shots show the Horde races fighting off Scourge at their respective cities (even trolls)

Shots showing Horde members in Death Knight armor shooting dark magic at foes is quickly shown

Shots showing Alliance members in Monk robes shooting a flurry of punches at foes is quickly shown. A gnomes punch to the camera ends the action. Screen is black again. Music has stopped. The voice is heard again.

"Why do these fools fight another..."

Fade to the scene of Alliance and Horde marching through the snow, side by side. Camera zooms upward and the spire of the Icecrown Citadel is in view.

"...when they know something far more terrifying is about to come to pass..."

Camera zooms in to the top of the Citadel

"Nothing but anger and wrath are to follow..."

A visible shot of Arthas sitting on the frozen thrown

(His voice rises)"People of Azeroth...YOUR PAIN SHALL BE LEGENDARY!"

A Frostwyrm flies in. Arthas mounts it. The Frostwyrm flies into the camera. Sounds of Arthas's maniacal laughter can be heard. Screen becomes black. The WoW logo flies into the screen. A few seconds after, the blue back round becomes black. The words "Wrath of the Lich King" surfaces below. End Trailer

When I first saw, "YOUR PAIN SHALL BE LEGENDARY", my first thought was that this would be the new "You are not prepared!". =D

-Matt Graham

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Supergarr said...

Awesome, can't wait