Tigole Interview - 8.22.2007

Today, buffed.de interviewed Tigole at Games Convention 2007. So, did we get any new information about WotLK? We sure did! Here are some scattered translated parts of the interview.

New Content? Stratholme as a level 80 5-man Caverns of Time instance.

: Now, to the topic: We heard a lot of things about Wrath of the Lich King at BlizzCon. Have there been any news since?
Tigole: There are a few things that we did not talk about at BlizzCon. The most important thing is the new Caverns of Time instance Stratholme. We wanted to return to the Caverns of Time concept because it is one of the coolest things we released for World of Warcraft: and we wanted to persue what the Bronze Dragon is up to. We want to show you some of the coolest moments of Warcraft. And now we chose Stratholme. Players of World of Warcraft already know Stratholme and many hardcore players are great fans of the old Stratholme instance. Warcraft 3 players however know Stratholme from a singleplayer mission, in which Arthas travels to the city and sets all buildings on fire, kills the citizens and fights Mal'Ganis. In Wrath of the Lich King you fight at Prince Arthas' side, by travelling through the Caverns of Time. We are giving you the opportunity of meeting Arthas at a time at which he was not a great villain yet. You are "cleaning" Stratholme and igniting buildings!
Buffed: Awesome! For how many players is this instance designed?

Tigole: It will be a five player instance, but for level 80 characters. We think that players will not enter the Caverns of Time while they are levelling, but return to them at level 80.

New Content? Hero classes other than the Death Knight.

: Last question: the Death Knight is only the first of many hero classes. Which hero class would you like to introduce next?

Tigole: My favority? That is hard to say. I think the Demon Hunter would be extremely cool. The Arch Mage would be cool too...
Buffed: (whispers) Blade Master!
Tigole: (laughs) There are many options, among them, of course, the fantastic Blase Master. We did a lot of brain storming and also thought about classes that were not present in Warcraft 3. But we wanted to advance slowly and introduce the Death Knight first in Wrath of the Lich King. And then we will see what is next.

P.S. - For those that are unaware, Tigole is the Warcraft handle or Jeff Kaplan - Lead Game Designer for World of Warcraft.

-Matt Graham

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