April 1st Came 23 Minutes Early in Europe - 3.31.2008

At 11:37 PM on March 31st, somewhere in Europe (Sweden?), Kungen made a post on the official Nihilum website that the guild will be breaking up and that most of the members will be quitting.

"If you think you’re freaking hilarious (you’re not) and are thinking TOO LONG DIDN’T READ, let me sum it up for you. Nihilum is finished and most of us have quit. Bye.

It’s been a 3 year roller coaster ride. We have enjoyed ourselves, sometimes. But all good things must come to an end and all that. I think we have reached a point where enough is enough. There is only so much your face can take after repeatedly smashing it against a wall. It seems like we are fighting a multi-million dollar company whose sole purpose is to destroy every last bit of fun hardcore guilds can have. We’re a bunch of fishies swimming against the current. A rare breed of little fishies that don’t want everything given to them on a plate and are happy when they accomplish something that is a challenge.

It all really comes down to the state of the PVE game at the moment. It’s something that totally contradicts our reason for existence. We always try to use every single advantage given to us. And thus we are forced to “test” PTR content just to stay ahead or keep on par with other guilds. This is ridiculous, we should not be testing anything, an internal testing team should. Oh how incredibly awesome it would be to zone into and new instance and not have a CLUE what bosses exist, or what tactics to use to kill them, or what gear will drop.

I think the Sunwell gate “idea” was the final blow. Why bother trying to compete for world firsts if the leading guild has to twiddle their thumbs waiting for the next stage to be open, watching everyone and his mother catch up. Why bother race to the finish line when it’s only Kil’jaeden that matters? It’s like a four hundred meter race where everyone has to stop and wait for the last guy every hundred meters. It’s unreasonable, and makes me not want to bother. And when everyone in the guild has that mentality, it collapses.

“Make some positive suggestions instead of whining blah blah”
We are not the company with infinite resources and the best creative and design team gaming has to offer, we don’t need to come up with anything, we are useless bums living in our parents basements remember?

So what will happen to Nihilum?
Some of us will go, some of us will stay and play the casual game it’s become. But eventually you will see us make a comeback in a new game. Thanks to the fans. We pretended those level 1 whispers didn’t matter. But they made our days! We screenshotted every one, every single one! And we look at our screenshot folder on lonely days to cheer us up. Thanks to the sponsors that believed in us. We had such big plans coming for the website and the community...a pity really :(.
Goodbye cruel world...

...of Warcraft.
P.S “Activision Blizzard” doesn’t make sense."

April Fools, everyone!

No, but seriously, I don't care if this post was "technically made on the 31st of March". Blizzard did the same thing with the Wisp's joke in 2006. It's a joke, people! There is NO WAY that Nihilum will be leaving WoW - at least not right now. There is still too much for them to do between the Sunwell and WotLK. Besides, Nihilum leaving WoW and going to a different game would be like Jim Carrey leaving the comedy genre and doing dramas. It just wouldn't happen and if it did it'd be a complete disaster. Oh, wait...

Even if I'm completely retarded and they actually are "breaking up", my guess is that another incarnation of the guild will appear with some of the old members.

-Matt Graham

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