The Best and Worst April Fools Joke. Ever. - 4.1.2008

If I may, I'd like to break away from all the WoW-ness for a second.

Until today, I would never have known that both the best and the worst April Fools joke ever would be, well, the same joke.

Today, IGN posted a fake movie trailer for "The Legend of Zelda" movie. Zelda fans like myself know that it has been stated that there will never be a Zelda movie because Nintendo simply doesn't want it to happen, so it's obviously a joke. Now, how is it the best and worst joke at the same time? Well, it's the best because I've never seen anything quite like it, production-wise, to end up simply as a joke that will be forgotten and never brought up unless it happens to be around April 1st. It's the worst because IGN is a bunch of pricks who have officially made me hate them for making me a sad panda, knowing that I'll never be able to see this movie.

Damn you, IGN!

-Matt Graham

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