The First WotLK Leak - 4.20.2008


So, the first real WotLK leak has been released via MMO-Champion forums. The leak contains various screenshots. (Please note: The "leaked" hairstyle and map screenshots in the hyperlinked thread have been deemed fake.)

The screenshot descriptions are for "WotLK Leak 1" through "WotLK Leak 9".

WotLK Leak 1 The first screenshot shows our brave Tauren Leaker fighting an epic... wolf? Okay Blizzard, when is this gunna end? A heroic looking Tauren like that should NOT be fighting wolves so he can bring their intestines back to some Orc trying to make stew. However, the environment does look really nice. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it'll be enough to distract me when I'm busy gutting wolves for about the fourteenth time.

WotLK Leak 2 The second screenshot, in all it's glaring glory, gives me much more hope towards the environments. The environments in WotLK are somethings that I really want to see well developed. I remember how Northrend was one of my favorite areas in Warcraft III just because of the land itself. The architecture as well is lookin' very nice in this shot.

WotLK Leak 3 I love this third screenshot. It just seems like a really refreshing change in the usually lay-of-the-land and architecture. This is most likely one of the first few cities in one of the two new zones. Imagine it as the Honor Hold, or in this case, the Thrallmar of Wrath of the Lich King.

WotLK Leak 4 A little better quality for the fourth picture in the leak. This shot shows some cool sky effects that it looks like Blizzard learned from in Burning Crusade. However, these effects seem lower to the ground making it feel more alive and interactive. It think that's a very large step in the right direction. I just can't get over how much I love the feel of the zone in this picture. That small thing in the mid-left of the shot looks somewhat like a Moonkin, but I could be wrong and I hope to God I am. Hell, it might not even be a mob!

WotLK Leak 5 More mobs that we've seen time and time again... Lovely. It's a good thing that those trees look so amazing, but this still doesn't look too good. Replace those trees with some snowy trees from the current WoW in there and you'd think this is Dun Morogh or Alterac Valley.

WotLK Leak 6 Screenshot number six is a picture of our Tauren adventurer accepting a quest. Nothing big, really. If only we could read the quest text...

WotLK Leak 7 I like shot number seven. It shows some more interesting mobs than we saw previously. They aren't amazingly awesome and I don't know what the hell they are, but there are better than what we've seen.

WotLK Leak 8 Ingvar the Plunderer. He's a boss in the Vrykul instance, Utgarde Catacombs. He's a level 72 elite, so I don't imagine that he'll be too difficult. I wish we could have seen his loot. :(

WotLK Leak 9 And the last picture just shows a Gnome discovering Utgarde Keep. Nothing monumental.

That's it for now. It's too bad that the "screenshots" were in such poor quality. Whoever took them had to use their camera to do so because apparently Blizzard watches every button you push in Alpha and completely disables the ability to take screenshots.

So, that's the first WotLK leak and it came on 4/20. Could it actually be fake? Maybe we're all just too high to tell...

UPDATE: A Death Knight and Login Screen leak have now been added to the picture library.
UPDATE 2: Two new talents/abilities for Shamans (possibly fake) and Warriors have been added to the picture library.
UPDATE 3: You can now Digg this article!

-Matt Graham


Anonymous said...

Nice, but a few things.

#1. These wolves can also be seen in the Vrykul towns. Also, note the minimap. The tauren is merely killing generic wolves by a lake. I wouldn't exactly say he looks heroic, either. Levelling greens 4tl. And hey, at least the wolves look different.

#2. Vrykul / Scourge town. The architecture is Vrykul, but the green spouts are something we've only seen in screenshots of Scourge areas.

#3. Vrykul town.

#4. The effect we see in this screenshot is the same we see in this at 1:50
Seems to be a Scourge area.

#5. I agree with this one, though. If you were to show me this screenshot without telling me it's from WotLK, I'd think it were from AV.

#6. Zoomed in, you can see the quest name is "The Frozen(?) Glade". It looks like a simple "go here and talk to this guy" quest that leads you to a new quest hub.

#7. Vrykul.

The login looks very interesting. I'm sad to see the portal go, but seeing the Frozen Throne like that, in what looks like CG, looks amazing even in a screen shot.

And this that confirmation that all races can be DK? I think so! Also, note the 5 other slots in the "Hero Classes" tab underneath the gender tab. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

The "leaked" pictures are, in fact, from Blizzcon. They have been finessed use a perspective correction tool in a photoshop program.

All the original pictures, with the exception of the Ingvar pic, can be found here (from Blizzcon coverage):

Shane said...

I have the Alpha. When it starts up(yes, the Alpha test from blizzard)it has the original loading screen of the original WoW. Perhaps they may be adding that in, but currently its not like that :(

Anonymous said...

I have used the alpha and the loading screen I have not seen in the game. Ive seen a lot of different ones, from the one shown to the dark portal shoiwng the frozen throne.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, the login is pretty close, i like it but its actually now that its out, a far away picture with a frost wyrm flying to the screen