The Race Is On - 4.16.2008

So, this past week has seen an epic battle take place over which PvE Guilds could be the first few to kill the Eredar Twins in Sunwell Plateau - the latest boss fight to be unleashed from behind their protective gate.

Expectations were high, dedication was higher, but not to any particular amount of surprise from the community, Nihilum went in and claimed their World 1st on the day after the gate opened, with SK-Gaming a few hours behind with the World 2nd.

Again, European Guilds swoop in and steal kills from underneath US noses, a topic much discussed and argued about on the Nihilum forum.

Leaving the drama aside and just looking at the fight statistics, only 33 Guilds worldwide managed to down the Eredar Twins this reset - quite a low number. I can say from personal experience that a big congratulations must go out to all of them - this fight is very tough.

What annoyed me in some ways were the amount of videos popping up incredibly quickly of the fight, especially SK-Gaming who released theirs not 3 days after the gate was open. Is it really necessary to release kill movies that soon and generally spoil the encounter for the masses? I suppose it could be argued that if people don't want to spoil it for themselves they shouldn't watch the movie, but there's always a level of competition that will persuade many into getting as much information as possible.

It will be another interesting race for M'uru, who we expect to be released next reset. Will the kill order be the same? Certainly Nihilum and SK-Gaming are looking strong for World 1st and 2nd positions.

In other news, most realms now are enjoying the fruits of their daily grinds with the Badge of Justice Vendor that has opened up business on the Isle of Quel'Danas. In many cases the items that can be obtained from this vendor easily outmatch Tier 5 equivalents - so get grinding for those badges, people! I myself purchased a rather nifty ring which I am pleased with, and my alts are now looking quite ready to raid some Tier 6 instances - rawr!

-Joe Zara [Phoee]

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