New Posts Coming! - 4.13.2008

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting anything for a while, but both Joe and I have been really busy! I'll be posting more very soon! :)

P.S. - Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that Blogcraft received a pretty good spike of hits. I don't really know where these are coming from, but if anyone knows, please comment this post because I'd like to thank whoever may have linked Blogcraft!

-Matt Graham


Anonymous said...

On April 12, my RSS reader brought up an empty post with the subject line "K" by Matt Graham. When I clicked it to visit the site, it gave an error message suggesting the post no longer existed.

Perhaps I'm not the only one, and that explains your spike?

Aticus said...

Good to see you coming back and thanks for the luck :-).

Anonymous said...

MMO-Champion users follow your blog closely because you are quite known poster at those boards.