The Might of M'uru - 5.12.2008

What an intense couple of weeks it has been for raiding guilds. With M'uru's gate open, raidgroups dove upon him like starving dogs upon a raw steak. And, much to their surprise, they were thrown aside. M'uru fought back!

Blizzard has truly outdone themselves on this encounter - the 5th boss of Sunwell Plateau. It is by far the hardest encounter of The Burning Crusade so far, and rightly so. The intricate strategy and high skill level needed to defeat this boss has resulted in only 6 guilds worldwide killing him to date. That's 12 raiding days. This boss makes the Eredar Twins look like those mischevious little kids next door who keep ringing your doorbell and running away. M'uru wouldn't hesitate to blow them away with his rocket launcher of doom, he's that badass.

With such a difficult encounter, one may expect cries of outrage from the raiding community. But (aside from the typical 1st day whine on US Raids+Dungeons forum), raiders are eating up this boss fight. Finally Blizzard has responded to the hardcore raiders and given them an encounter the likes of which hasn't been seen in this expansion.

Focus was on Nihilum and SK-Gaming, as ever, as to who would take world 1st. This time around, SK took the pole position, downing M'uru on the 4th of May, a good 2 days clear of the next nearest guild. Nihilum have responded with apathy, not even caring about the kill having missed the world 1st. I would go so far as to presume they are concocting some devious plan in order to down Kil'Jaeden first and secure their title as the world's top guild.

If you are interested in seeing how guilds worldwide are doing, WoWProgress.Com seems to be the most accurate and up to date for guild rankings, and also full of other tidbits of information regarding the guilds listed.

Next week some 2.4.2 discussion - it's on PTR and it will be on Live soon, bringing with it Large Prismatics for all! Woot!

-Joe Zara [Phoee]

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