Wrath of the Lich King Preview [Part 3] - 5.11.2008

Boubouille has posted the third part of his "Wrath of the Lich King Preview", and wow, it is awesome!

Part 3 offers some great information about the lay of the land in Northrend, as well as professions, raids and dungeons, Death Knights, and Patch 2.5 stuff.

Something that I really found interesting:

  • The mounts available to buy in Wrath will probably be able to take passengers. These mounts will also work in the old world (Provided they are land mounts), so players can give low-level characters a ride! The new mounts will also be slightly faster, around the speed of the Armored Netherdrakes.
  • We're not sure if that will be available from the start but one of the ideas is to give the players new mounts they can buy and allow these new mounts to be available for passengers.

Check it out whenever you get a chance!

P.S. - Happy Mother's Day!

-Matt Graham

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