The Beginning of the End...? - 6.19.2008

After my short-lived case of burnout from WoW two weeks ago, I ended up coming back and casually leveled my Dwarf Paladin from 36 to 40 in Dustwallow Marsh (and some STV). However, just days later I am once again sick of WoW. Possibly my new found distaste for WoW was created by my "discovery" of Warhammer Online.

A few months ago, I was one of the people that wanted to yell "FAIL!" every time they hear about Warhammer Online. My basic though of Warhammer Online was WoW with slightly more advanced PvP but WoW's PvE minus anything good. But really, in the end, even if it does end up being very similar to WoW, why is that really so bad? If WoW is amazingly fun, then why would a copy with new "skins" for different races, classes, and environments be any different? It wouldn't.

This is not the first time I've felt a lot of hype for another MMO, Age of Conan being the most recent, but it is definitely the most prolific. I honestly hope that this isn't the beginning of the end of my WoW career, but I am feeling different than I ever have before when taking a "break" from WoW. However, until I physically get my hands on WAR, I won't make any huge judgments, good or bad - so don't expect any absolute WoW > WAR or WAR >WoW posts for a while. :p

-Matt Graham


Aticus said...

Heh, we're in the same boat. I leveled my Mage from 60-70, got burned out, went on vacation, ended up canceling WoW, and discovered GameFly :-P.

Last time I burned out, I discovered LOTRO (which is amazing btw - huge JRR fan). I can wait to try out Warhammer.

John said...

I got the total WoW burnout as well before BC came out. I took about a 3 month break and came back more energized than ever. I still love the game although I probably put in about 30 hours a week now compared to 50 hours a week before the break that I took. In particular I just love the pvp - it never gets old for me. I don't have the dedication to hardcore raiding that I had before the break.

Maybe you should try a break - and when you come back balance WoW out w/ some real world stuff (like I play softball one day a week, hang out w/ friends one night a week, hit the gym or job most days, etc).

As for Warhammer - I've read the reviews by ppl who played the Beta and it seems terribad so I'm not holding my breath. Really the system that the WoW designers have in place for PvP and PVE is just so good that I'll be surprised (and excited) if another game can manage to top it in either area. I've tried all of the other MMO's that have come along but none feel as tight or well balanced or even interesting as WoW.

Good luck to ya! :)

dave said...

I feel much the same way. After a two year addiction to WOW, after 2.4 came out, I was like "what else is there for me to do?" Games run their course. For me, WOW lasted two solid years. I agree with you that I will not be disappointed if WAR is like WOW. WOW is great, what is wrong if WAR borrows some of that greatness and incorporates better PVP, new classes, etc.?