Blogcraft Asks: What do you wanna hear in a WoW podcast? - 6.10.2008

"Blogcraft Asks" is a new feature here on Blogcraft in which I ask the readers a question that they may comment about on this post. Before we get into the question, I would also like a special picture for this feature to put on the blog; So, if you are talented at making cool graphics and want to help out Blogcraft, send a "Blogcraft Asks" graphic to . If there are more than one entry, I'll pick the graphic I like the most. Don't worry though! Even if your graphic is not selected, you will be credited for your contribution! Okay, so now on to the question!

What do you wanna hear when listening to a WoW podcast? (Specific features or segments, discussions, etc.?)

I look forward to your comments on this post!

P.S. - This question is very important, so I hope you get a chance to answer!

-Matt Graham


Holmberg said...

News, raiding and info on the expansion plz! :)

Derl said...

What I look for in a WoW Podcast is interviews, some rumors mixed with official announcements, and, of course, info on the new expansion.

Hm.. I smell Blogcraft Blogpodcraftcast.