WoW 4.0: Part I - 6.1.2009

Because of time, and because I basically promised a post today in yesterday's post, I'm going to have to deliver this post in separate parts. Basically, it's a rundown of my opinion on the next expansion.

Let me begin by saying that I am completely opposed to the idea that the Emerald Dream will be the focus of the next WoW expansion. Hell, I'm totally against the idea that it'll even ever have its own expansion. But, that's the key there. "Have its own expansion." I'm not saying that the Emerald Dream won't appear in a future WoW expansion, I'm just saying it won't be the focal point. By the way, I don't think that it'll be a "part" of the next expansion either. Maybe the next expansion after the next, when WoW is probably going to be slowing down (but boy, has that prediction been wrong before), but not for a while.

Now, you might be disappointed to hear my prediction because you've heard it a thousand times before. But hey, if you've heard it so many times it must be a a good prediction... right? My prediction is... drumroll please... the Maelstrom/South Seas/Great Sea/Whatever the hell body of water with a giant whirlpool-storm thing in it. It's all the same, and I don't want to hear otherwise. You know what I mean if I mention one or the other. So, we're going to go with "The Maelstrom Expansion". Sound good? Okay.

The areas and zones that would be included in this expansion have been "planned out", in a small sense, for a while. I just think that it would really only make sense if we saw the Maelstrom expansion next. Because I don't think that the Emerald Dream will be its own expansion, I just can't think of of anything else that Blizzard would want to add to the game before something like the Elemental Plane, the Twisting Nether, or other planets having to do with the Burning Legion.

So, changes to Azeroth? Probably. I assume that this would be the best possible expansion for Blizzard to be able to go back and change up a lot of things in Azeroth. Obviously the biggest change would probably be the addition of Gilneas in northern Eastern Kingdoms. That place has just been taunting me for ages. It's like it was supposed to be in the game at the beginning, but Blizzard forgot about it or something. Oh, wait...

Then, other zones like Kul Tiras, and island not far from Gilneas, Kezan, Tel Abim, Zandalar, the Plunder Isles, and the Broken Isles would be added as well. Obviously, the Maelstrom would be the Icecrown type place of this expansion.

Hero classes, instances, mounts, items, etc. are all discussion being saved for a later date.

-Matt Graham

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